Tarana Burke is someone who inspires many young people today, both females and males. This woman is someone who’s life work has been about helping people of color and marginalized groups, but most importantly young women and girls. The Me Too movement was founded by Burke in 2006 and was created to raise awareness to sexual abuse and assault in society. Even long before the Me Too movement took over in society Tarana Burke focused on teaching young girls and women about finding a sense of self-worth. Although these movements Burke already had in the works were successful and changing the lives of people all across the country, with the help of social media the Me Too movement became a hashtag which led to the spread of much more awareness. #MeToo had taken the social media world by storm in 2017, all thanks to Alyssa Milano in regards to the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations. This hashtag quickly spread around the social world where both men and women were sharing their won sexual abuse and assault stories to raise awareness. This movement has changed the lives of many different people over the past 15 years and will continue to. Movements like this are the reason why some young people feel brave enough to come forward and speak about their own sexual abuse and assault experiences. Tarana Burke is a very admirable women specifically because of her ability to be a catalyst to change. Burke had a hard childhood and was raped and sexually assaulted multiple times and she chose to use this experience to make change. I admire people like Tarana who are able to do this because it is extremely brave of them. Spreading the strength of bravery and inspiring other individuals to exercise their bravery is something remarkable and may be difficult to be done correctly. The Me Too movement has changed the way sexual abuse and assault victims are viewed as well as the stigma around sexual abuse. People now a days are becoming more comfortable speaking about such sensitive topics which is critical in order for there to be change.

Much like Tarana Burke I hope to get to a point in my life where my bravery shines through in order to actively help my society with change. I will speak out against social issues that not only relate to myself but to those that will better the lives of people around me. I will do my part to spread awareness on sexual abuse and assault for both men and women. I will do my part in changing the stigma around sensitive subjects because that means change and acceptance of others will prosper. Tarana Burke is a leader who works to change the lives of others, not just her own. To be a good leader you must care about society as a whole and give those you are leading information and resources necessary which Burke has done. The Me Too movement is something that involves bravery, acceptance, and awareness all thanks to Tarana Burke, someone many young adults look up to.